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25 June 2020
Virtual Event
Mobilising Renewable Energy Investments in Climate in the Caribbean

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From 1st - 25th June

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Mobilising Renewable Energy Investments in Climate in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is responding to the ambitious challenges of international agreements and the urgent demand for investment in resilient low-carbon economies. There is a need to effectively harness international climate finance and mobilise private capital for climate investment to implement and accelerate commitments under the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) that are at the heart of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Climate change severely threatens energy security, which remains a cornerstone of modern economies. The resilience of energy systems is more essential than ever, especially for island states. Transitions to renewable energy can be a direct response to climate change mitigation and a sustainable basis for long-term investments.

Social distancing circumstances require resilience and innovative solutions to mitigate impact on event organisation. Considering the Covid-19 pandemic, the planned Climate Finance Week for the Caribbean and Central America was postponed. Consequently, the NDC Finance Initiative (NDCFI) and GET.invest are holding a virtual event combined with a B2B session, bringing a multitude of actors together in order to mobilise renewable energy investments in Climate in the Caribbean region. While this is not intended to replace the much larger and broader event postponed to the second half of 2020, this intermediate event will offer stakeholders an opportunity to meet and exchange virtually during the pandemic.

This virtual event will

  • highlight the economic and environmental challenges of the Caribbean,
  • introduce financing instruments and business models for the private sector and
  • provide an opportunity to connect with potential business partners, investors and policymakers during a dedicated virtual matchmaking session.

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